Human Rights

What are actually human rights? Human rights is a comprehensive name for the rights that every person deserves due to the fact itself of being human. They accompany us and subsist in all aspects of life. This great name – “human rights” – includes, for example, the right of a woman to be paid the same salary as a man in the same position, the right of each and every one of us not to be subject to the spread of lies, the right of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to absolutely equal rights as other people, the right of every citizen to receive proper medical care, and so on. These are the rights that allow and enable self-realization ton each and every person.

The protection of human rights in Israel has come a long way in recent years, and it has found its proper place in some of the existing laws. The laws of the state try to protect, for example, the right to equality, the right of every individual to dignity (from which additional rights are derived), a person’s rights in the workplace, the freedom to demonstrate and the right for every person’s good reputation or privacy. However, many times we find ourselves being harmed – sometimes because of the authorities’ incapacity to enforce the existing laws, and sometimes because other citizens or authorities simply do not comply with those laws and fail to respect our rights.

Not every person who feels that he or she has been wronged knows how to protect their rights and/or the extent of protection the law actually provides in that respect. Our firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in protecting a very wide variety of human rights, such as the right to privacy, gay and lesbian rights, freedom of expression, libel, gender discrimination, nationality, religion, medical status and so on.

The reaction to any such harm or insult by means of a legal proceeding may take the form of a claim for monetary compensation for the insult itself or the damages suffered as consequence, and may also consist in an order for a corrective action: a publication of an apology, obtaining a license or financial support from relevant authorities, a change in existing procedures, permitting, in the name of the freedom of expression, the publication or uploading of contents which were previously prohibited for publication or any other order.

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