Human Rights

Gay community members (lesbians, gay, transgender and bisexual) have made a long haul over the last twenty years in protecting their rights. However, LGBT members still suffer from various violations of their rights – restrictions on marriage and surrogacy, discrimination in hiring to work, police violence, humiliating and abusive treatment of transsexuals and transgenders, refusal of HMOs to bear the costs of sex reassignment surgery etc.

It is hard to imagine a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual person who has not experienced some kind of offense or another only due to their sexual orientation at some point in their life. This is true for every age group, economic class or residential area. We act with all the legal means at our disposal and fight to ensure that members of the gay community receive all the rights they deserve, like every other person. No one should accept a discriminatory attitude in any area of ​​his/her life: in the right to have a family, rights relating to work or the rights involving service from various medical bodies. We act and represent clients who have been affected by cyberbullying, verbal or physical abuse, forced ‘exit from the closet’, and privacy violations due to sexual orientation.

Our firm has extensive experience in protecting the rights of the gay community members The firm’s advocates serve as the Pro Bono consultants of the LGBT Association and the committee of battle against AIDS. Advocate Assaf Hady Cohen participated in the publication of “The Gay Community Rights Book” published in 2016.

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