Workers Rights

Who is a foreign worker? What foreign citizens are permitted to work in Israel, and who is allowed to employ them? In what jobs? Do foreign workers have the same rights as Israeli workers? Are asylum seekers to be considered as foreign workers?

The field of the employment of foreign workers is complex and dynamic, and combines expertise from the field of labor law and from the field of administrative law with regard to work permits in Israel to employees and employment permits for employers. The laws, regulations and procedures relating to the employment of workers vary frequently. A misunderstanding of the applicable laws may result in the imposition of fines and claims brought against employers and in violation of workers’ rights.

Our firm is qualified to provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of the employment of foreign workers: from dealing with the bureaucracy required to obtain employment permits for foreign workers, including expert workers and exceptional requests, to representing in claims in the Labor Court as well as administrative petitions concerning the rights of foreign workers and their employers.

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