Workers Rights

The employment contract constitutes the arena for the first “clash of forces” between the employee and the employer. Its purpose is to regulate labor relations between the parties, and define the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer. Among other things, the employment contract between the parties shall define the employee’s working hours, the number of due vacation days, overtime payment tariff, pension provisions, severance pay fund and other funds. The employment contract shall at times further define additional rights of the employee – allotment of shares, participation in expenses, maintenance of telephone and vehicles, etc.

The law does not require the parties to make a written contract of employment. However, according to the law, an employer must provide a worker with a written document specifying the terms of employment within 30 days from the date of commencement of employment. The document should include, among other things, the following details: employer’s details, date of commencement of work, employee’s duties, working hours, salary, vacation day and social benefits (vacation, recuperation, pension, etc.).

In the negotiation stage towards the contract, the employee is usually at a certain disadvantage viz.-a-viz. the employer, wherefore it is important for the employee to be acquainted with the rights he deserves, to be able to insist on receiving them and, whenever necessary, to negotiate effectively with the employer.

Our office provides support to employees in any position, who wish to ensure that their rights are adequately preserved. In addition, our firm provides counsel to employers wishing to ensure that they provide their employees with all their due employee rights. We believe that the protection of the employee’s rights is in the joint interests of the employee and the employer. A decent contract is the first step to creating a more pleasant and productive work environment.

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